KidKuts Style Inc specializes in toddler’s and baby’s haircut.

Babies and Toddler Haircuts

At KidKuts Style Inc., we create stunning looks for our tiniest and most energetic clientele: babies and toddlers.

Baby’s First Haircut

Getting your baby’s bangs trimmed doesn’t have to be worrisome when you have KidKuts Style Inc by your side.

For 27 years, we’ve given babies their first unique and neat hairstyle. Our team knows how to handle every cute, squirmy little client!

You need an appointment.
We know how to style even the squirmiest cute little clients!

Kid’s Latest Haircuts

The staff at KidKuts Style Inc welcomes all types of giggling, fidgety and squirming kids for their haircut and styling experience.

We offer a fun environment where kids can laugh or cry and just be themselves.

Our friendly hairstylists ensure that your toddler is comfortable and that you are completely happy with your toddler’s new look. Rest assured that we are always up-to-date with the latest cuts and styles that kids love to show off.

Offering a kid friendly environment where haircuts can be fun and stress-fee